June 22, 2020

The Our Minds Our Future online summit: Sunday

Make Our Rights Reality

Agenda for Day 2 – Sunday 28th June

Welcome to day 2 of the Our Minds Our Future online summit 2020. Below you will find a run down of the day and any key resources related to each session. You will have received an email with a link to join the sessions you’ve signed up for, but if you seem to be missing any or would like to join another one, email morr@youthaccess.org.uk to request to sign up.

There’ll be staff on hand all day in the Rights Advocate Facebook group – request to join now so you can hop in any time throughout the weekend to get help or spark up a conversation.

Remember, your safety and wellbeing is our absolute priority. Please help us to keep you safe and well by:

  • Taking breaks away from the screen – there are a LOT of sessions over the weekend and you’re under no pressure to attend them all – give yourself breaks and let staff know if you’ve changed your mind about attending something you’d signed up to.
  • Staying hydrated and well fed – we don’t mind you snacking during sessions – just mute!
  • Letting staff know if anything is worrying you – whether that’s your own wellbeing, the wellbeing or safety of another participant or if somebody or something is making you feel uncomfortable. You can use the private chat function to message Youth Access staff, text or WhatsApp Zoe Baum on 07912 270037 or email zoe@youthaccess.org.uk

11 – 12.30pm
Youth-led change
: How do we a build a generation of change-makers?

Attendees:  Open to everyone! 

What does real youth leadership look like? What helps young people to truly lead change? How can we continue to learn from one another? 

Join this session with Kahra and Safiyyah from the Youth Access team, Rights Advocates Kat and Katie, and guests from Mind’s Youth Activist Network and Peace First to share stories and discuss what we think makes great youth activism. In this session, you’ll hear from other young people about their experiences of taking action and be able to share learning and ideas to feel inspired with new tactics and approaches. 

1.15pm – 2.30pm
Fighting for young people’s right to mental health over lockdown and beyond: The Our Minds Our Future manifesto

Open to: Everyone, but limited spaces available! 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to even more young people across the UK needing mental health support – but the lockdown has made it much harder to access services. It’s more important than ever that we fight for young people’s right to accessible, high-quality, age-appropriate mental health services – and we need to do so with a united voice that tells decision makers and people in power what we want the mental health system to look like. 

People who attend this session will be invited to join the ‘Our Minds Our Future Manifesto Working Group’ which will run over summer, and meet in two further online workshops in July and August. Together the group will produce the Our Minds Our Future manifesto – a statement that summarises what we want the campaign to achieve in one clear message. 

In this first session we will cover: 

  • What is the right to mental health and a rights-based approach?  
  • Examples of innovative, rights-based approaches that currently exist 
  • What is a manifesto? And how can we bring together what works and what is important to you in one clear message  

2.45pm – 4 pm
Rights Advocate online hub prototype launch

Open to: Anyone who has been working to develop the Online Hub   (ie  Rights Advocates who have attended at least one Zoom session looking at content for the hub, or commented on the drafts, or a member of the current Steering Group)

The Our Minds Our Future Steering Group and some of our dedicated Rights Advocates have been working hard to get the online hub ready for the first prototype launch! The time has finally arrived for the designers and creators of the hub to review what they have created so far! This session will be for anyone who has been working on the development of the online hub to give their feedback and discuss the feedback from the earlier session that is open to everyone. 

Note to participants: Please can you come ready to the session with this loaded on your phone (preferably) or computer/ tablet, pen/pencil and paper. Thank you!

4.15pm – 5.30pm
Video training workshop 

Open to: Everyone, but limited spaces available!   

Video is a powerful tool for amplifying your voice, and at this time of crisis and recovery, it’s vital young people are heard loud and clear as you call for your human right to quality mental health support.

Join Kahra and Jonathan from the Youth Access team for fun and informative session on creating videos to campaign for your human right to mental health. During this session you will learn how to script and record inspiring and motivational video clips to use as a campaigner. This session will not only leave you ready to take on the digital world with videos that inspire change, but – hopefully – leave us with enough clips made by you to create a social media video!

Here are some videos to inspire you which were made for other campaigns by campaigners just like you!

  • You clap for me now – UK residents and people of foreign heritage who work in health care recite an antiracist poem ti highlight the crucial role immigrant workers are playing in the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • No Young Woman Left Behind – Young activists with the Young Women’s Trust speak about how the coronavirus crisis is affecting them and how they want to the government to stand with them to support and value young women.
  • Take your knee off my neck – The channel four mini-series highlighting the experiences of everyday racism faced by black people in the UK, in their own words.

5.45pm – 6.30-pm
Summit Closing Session 

Open to: Everyone!   

Everyone is invited to come to together at the end of the summit to celebrate the successes and learnings from the past two days of workshops.

It will also be a chance to reflect on the past year of campaigning with Our Minds Our Future, including the celebration of the campaign Steering Group of 2019-20 who have been working so hard this year to make sure that Rights Advocates across the country have an online platform to make their campaigning work bigger, louder and stronger!

At the end of this session we will be sharing some of the plans we have in store so that you know how you can continue to campaign for your rights to mental health over the summer and beyond!  



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