Our People

Make Our Rights Reality is a movement of young people demanding our rights. It’s coordinated by Youth Access – a charity working for the rights of every young person to be able to get support when and where they need it.

Through the Make Our Rights Reality movement, young people have set up the Our Minds Our Future campaign to demand young people’s right to mental health be met. The campaign is led by three main groups: the Youth Access staff team, the Our Minds Our Future Steering Group, and our local teams of Rights Advocates. Each of these groups brings their own skills, interests, experiences and expertise to the table, so each is valued equally when it comes to making decisions.

Youth Access Staff

An image of the two original Leeds team members - Zoe and Zee with staff from Make Our Rights Reality at their first poetry event

A skilled team who are passionate about the amazing change young people can make in the world. Read more, and meet them here.

Our Minds Our Future Steering Group

Eight young people from all over the country who have valuable expertise that will drive the campaign forward – either because of their own experiences with mental health, knowledge of campaigning or some other star quality! Meet them here.

Rights Advocates

Young people who have been trained in their rights when it comes to mental health, along with key campaigning skills so they can build support for our demands in their local area. Read more, and meet them here.