Helpful Resources for Local Campaigning

#MyRightsMyMind petition page – the quickest, easiest way to get people signed up to the petition is to get them to add their name using this link. You can share it on social media, email or WhatsApp – bit.ly/myrightsmymind – or just have it open on your phone/tablet/laptop and ask them to type in their details. Simple!

Print-out petition – useful for getting petition signatures at stalls, events and anywhere where people might not have access to a phone or device to sign the petition digitally.

Our Minds Our Future Intro video – useful for explaining the aims of the campaign and the role of Rights Advocates and volunteers. Access and share the video through Facebook here or download the video here.

Mental Health Cheat Sheet – a collection of facts and statistics about young people’s access to mental health support, with references.

Campaign Flyers – to print these as two A5 sheets on each sheet of A4 paper, click the link, then hit the download button int he top right of the screen to download the file as a PDF, open with Adobe Reader and print as a booklet. If you’d like more or need them professionally printed for an event, email us at morr@youthaccess.org.uk

National Sources of help and support – This is a list of organisations that can help with specific issues if you or somebody you know is looking for immediate help with a problem. You can also check the Youth Access website for advice and counselling services near you.