April 05, 2019

My time as a steering group member


Iqra shares her views on being part of the very first steering group for Our Minds Our Future.

My time being involved in Our Minds Our Future was one of the best campaigns I have worked on. I always have a passion for young people’s mental health and Our Minds Our Future helped me voice this and gave me the opportunity to share my views.

The year came and went fast. From the very first residential I made many new friends who were passionate about the same issues. Like me they mostly had previous experiences, though some didn’t but still had many great ideas to help steer this campaign. The residential made our bond stronger and the trust in each even better to share some very personal thoughts.

Iqra and the team on the self-care themed residential weekend.

My best bit about the whole campaign was the weekend we spent learning about burnout and taking part in self care activities. The activity to make the stress ball and not giving up until I got the solution and the method correct that was my highlight of all the campaign.

Unfortunately I missed our last meeting but I still feel very close to the campaign and if given the opportunity again I will love to be part of another campaign with the charity who coordinates Make Our Rights Reality, Youth Access.

Iqra was a member of the very first steering group, helping to build the Our Minds Our Future campaign from an idea into a reality. If you want to pick up where Iqra and the team left off, leading Our Minds Our Future over the next 12 months, be sure to get in your application by 5pm Sunday 7th April.


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The Our Minds Our Future online summit: Sunday

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