My Rights My Mind Briefing

Is the so-called mental health ‘crisis’ more than an issue of mental health? Are we also facing a human rights crisis and can looking to international law help us to fix it?

This briefing argues that, in the face of such massive systemic challenges, anything less than transformational change to the mental health system risks failing yet another generation of young people.

It thus explores the case for employing a human rights framework to tackle the specific challenges faced by young people in accessing mental health support.

Download the full briefing here.

Full references can be found here.

If you think the people in power in your local health system should be putting your rights at the centre of their decisions, add your name to our petition, calling on decision-makers to take the #MyRightsMyMind pledge, committing to taking a rights-based approach to improving mental health services.

Or, if you are a professional at decision-making level in the mental health or youth sector and would like to look further at how to employ a rights-based approach in your work, join the #MyRightsMyMind community, here.