Apply to be a Rights Advocate

We’re building teams of Rights Advocates in Manchester, Leeds, Bath & Southampton. If you think you’d be a great team member, make sure you apply by 30th September. 

If you don’t have time to apply right now but would like a reminder, add your contact details here, and we’ll send a reminder email before the deadline.

If you’d like to chat more about the role before applying, email kahra@youthaccess.org.uk or use this Doodle calendar to book a time when we can give you a call to talk things through.

Before you start:

  • Read all of these instructions carefully
  • Make sure you’ve picked your role, and understand that you might not get your first choice Local Lead role, or any Rights Advocate role, but we’ll still stay in touch and make sure you can support the campaign locally and nationally
  • Make sure you’re free on the training dates for your role and for a 30 minute phone interview in the week of 1st October

To apply:

Take some time to think about your answers to the questions below. You can submit your answers directly into this form, or download the Application Questions here and upload the completed document in question 2.

If a written form isn’t the best way for you to apply, email kahra@youthaccess.org.uk or call 020 8772 9900 during office hours to arrange an alternative method.

Once you’ve finished:

  • Check your form has been submitted
  • Wait to be redirected to a Doodle calendar to pick a time and date for your phone interview
  • Put the time in your diary – don’t forget. We’ll be in touch with further instructions.