Our Minds Our Future

The mental health system is failing young people. So we’re leading our own movement – demanding our rights to a healthy mind and a brighter future.

Right now, 16-25 year olds are facing the sharpest edge of the mental health crisis. Too often, we’re left on long waiting lists, told we’re not ‘sick enough’ for help, or abandoned when we’re too old for children’s services.

The system isn’t just failing to meet our needs – it’s failing to meet our rights. So we’re standing up for what we’re entitled to.  

Our Minds Our Future is a campaign led by young people who know their rights and how to fight for them. Our young steering group sets the campaign direction, and our teams of ‘Rights Advocates’ make it happen locally. 

All over the country, our Rights Advocates are calling on decision-makers to take the #MyRightsMyMind pledge; promising to put young people’s rights at the centre of plans for mental health services. You can add your voice to the growing call for change, by signing the petition.

It’s Our Minds Our Future
– let’s demand our rights.

Our demands

It’s our minds and our future at stake, so we have a right to have our say in what mental health services should look like. Our rights say we are entitled to have:

  1. Age-appropriate care as we make the move into adulthood – not just services for children or older adults
  2. Early identification and support – not long waiting lists or only getting help at crisis point
  3. Support we can access in our communities – places we feel comfortable, not just in schools and hospitals
  4. Clear options and decisions we understand – not just being told what we can and can’t access
  5. A seat at the table in decisions about our own care as well as what the system looks like

Add your name to the growing call for our rights by signing the petition.