Our Minds Our Future

The mental health system is failing to meet young people’s needs. Too often, we’re left on long waiting lists, pushed into adult services, or turned away from therapy completely.

In our first campaign – Our Minds Our Future – we’re fighting for our say in the mental health system. Services designed for us should be designed by us – so we’re raising our voices to demand a seat at the table in decisions about local services.

We want mental health services that actually meet our rights. Make Our Rights Reality trains young people as Rights Advocates, so we know what we’re entitled to, who has the power to change things, and how we can make it happen. 

It’s Our Minds Our Future
– so let’s have our say.

Our demands

It’s our minds and our future at stake, so we deserve to have our say in the mental health system. Our top demand for lasting change is:

A seat at the table and a real say in how mental health services are run.

From here, we can fight for:

  1.  Access to services in our community – not miles away, or after months of waiting
  2. Proper funding, taken from both adult and child health budgets
  3. Youth services that go up to age 25, so we can move over to adult services when we’re ready
Our Minds Our Future

Posted by Make Our Rights Reality on Monday, 3 September 2018