Call on decision-makers to respect our right to better mental healthcare.

Right now, 16-25 year olds are the worst served group by the mental health system;[1] facing a postcode lottery of services, long waiting lists and a no man’s land between child and adult care.

Despite government promises, support services are becoming harder to access and too many are left struggling with their mental health alone.

We need a mental health system that provides:

  1. Age-appropriate care for 16-25 year olds
  2. Early identification and intervention
  3. Community-based support
  4. Transparency and accountability
  5. Youth participation in decision-making

By failing to provide these, the mental health system isn’t just letting young people down, it’s failing to meet our human rights.

Alongside the majority of the world’s states, the UK has signed up to a range of international agreements that say that every one of us has the right to the best mental health possible[2]. The duty to protect this right is written into the NHS Constitution[3].

Time and time again, people in power have repeated commitments to tackling this ‘crisis’ facing young people. But to get the change we need, we can’t keep patching up a broken system. We need our decision-makers to shift their focus from budgets, tick boxes and hollow targets, to focus on our rights.

We can’t wait any longer. We call on our politicians, commissioners and service providers to turn their words into action, with a mental health strategy that truly respects our rights.

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