Call on decision-makers to take the #MyRightsMyMind pledge and transform mental healthcare

Our demand:

We’re calling on decision-makers in our local health systems to take the #MyRightsMyMind pledge – promising to build new solutions to the mental health crisis using our human rights.

Why now?

Finally, the government has committed billions of pounds to help tackle the youth mental health crisis.

Right now, decision-makers at local level are planning how to use these new funds. They could choose to patch up old, broken systems. Or they could totally transform mental healthcare for young people.

We know that business as usual won’t fix this crisis. It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to stand up for our rights.

Why #MyRightsMyMind?

Human rights law says that every one of us has the right to the best mental health possible. [2] The duty to protect this right is written into the NHS Constitution. [3]

An approach to mental health based on our human rights says we’re entitled to:

  1. Age-appropriate care as we make the move into adulthood – not just services for children or older adults
  2. Early identification and support – not long waiting lists or only getting help at crisis point
  3. Support we can access in our communities – places we feel comfortable, not just in schools and hospitals
  4. Clear options and decisions we understand – not just being told what we can and can’t access
  5. A seat at the table in decisions about our own care as well as what the system looks like. Nothing about us without us.

The mental health system isn’t just letting young people down, it’s failing to meet our rights.

So let’s tell decision-makers in every local area around the country to shift their focus from budgets, tick boxes and hollow targets and focus on our rights.

Add your name to the petition and opt in to emails to stay in touch as we ramp up the pressure in local areas around the country.